3 Ways to Get Ready for the "Twindemic": Flu & COVID-19

Gram Positive vs Gram Negative Bacteria and the Fight Against HAIs

Pathogen, Persistence, and Prevalence

Wildfires and Infection

Herd Immunity: Is It Possible Without A Stampede?

The Final Round-Up of Pathogens Causing Hospital-Acquired Infections

Emergency Regulations During A Pandemic

Watching, Waiting: Opportunistic Pseudomonas, Enterobacter, and Candida

Where Are We on National Contact Tracing?

Stealthy Passengers: E. coli, Klebsiella, and Enterococcus

The Prime Suspect in HAIs: Staphylococcus

So Many Disease Graphs: What Do They Mean?

The Usual Suspects: The Microorganisms that Cause HAIs

Additives: They Don't Add Health Protection

4 Ways to Improve Terminal Cleaning

Infection Control and Pro Sports

How clean is your Hospital Room?

Could We Be Close to a Vaccine for COVID-19?

Critically Clean: An In-Depth Look

Isolation States and Isolation Rooms: COVID-19 Hotspots

How Hospitals Stay Clean: Environmental Services

Cut Throught the Copper Craze: How to Know What Works

How Hospitals Stay Clean: Infection Prevention Teams

Germs on Surfaces: From Wimps to Bullies, Part 2

Fun During a Pandemic: Which Summer Activities are Safe?

Germs on Surfaces: From Wimps to Bullies, Part 1

When COVID-19 is an HAI: Long-Term Residential Facilities

The Most Contaminated and Most Touched Surfaces in a Patient Room

Surfaces Are Still Important In Slowing COVID-19

Contaminated Environment = Infected Patient: A Proof In Six Steps 

The Health Crisis Within the Health Crisis

The Meaning of Clean: Sanitizers, Disinfectants, and Sterilizers

Wear It Right! How to Wear Masks and Gloves

Nurses: On The Front Lines of Infection Control

Staying Safe During Re-Opening: 7 Things IPs Do

COVID-19: Why Looking Back Helps Us Look Ahead

Anatomy of an Isolation Room

5 Steps To Life After A Pandemic

Cleaning House, Part 4: Touch Points

Cleaning House, Part 3: Choosing a Disinfectant. What to Sic on the Bugs Making You Sick

Beyond the Briefings: Who's Who in the Coronavirus Task Force

Cleaning House, Part 2: Know Your Household Pathogen

Welcome to Our World: How COVID-19 Introduces Everyone to Life as an Infection Preventionist

Cleaning House, Part 1: Lessons from the Cleanest Hospitals

Copper Kills SARS-CoV-2 In 4 Hours: Faster Than Any Other Surface Tested

Hands are Surfaces: When Do We Clean and When Do We Sanitize?

Flattening The Curve: It's All About Capacity

Is A Virus Living or Non-Living? Yes. Part 2

Is a Virus Living or Non-Living? Yes. Part 1

Women in Microbiology: Dr. Abigail Salyers

Where The 4 Top Hospital Rating Groups Get Their Data

Black History Month: 5 Health Care Highlights

How Hospital Scores Are Generated: An Overview

American Medical Hero: Dr. Ruth E. Moore

Hospital Scores: We Compare The Top 3 Ratings Websites

Emmett W. Chappelle: Father of Bioluminescence

Professional Profile: Sorrel King, Josie King Foundation

Dr. Jane Hinton: Co-Developer of Mueller-Hinton Agar

10 Resources for Patient Safety

5 Facts About the Novel Coronavirus You Want to Know

The Empowered Patient, Part 5: Rally Your Support System

Coronavirus Outbreak: What Global and Hospital Outbreaks Have In Common

The Empowered Patient, Step 4: Record Keeping

Veteran's Hospitals Get New Rating System

The Empowered Patient, Step 3: Action

Preparing for Contamination: Lessons From Winter

The Empowered Patient, Step 2: Research

The Empowered Patient, Step 1: Prepare To Be Powerful

A Child Is Born: Remembering Our Tiniest Patients

Presenteeism (Working While Sick) and Infection Control

Sickly Stowaways: Pathogens on a Plane

Healthcare Buildings that Do No Harm

Germs and the Season of Giving

Infection Control Acronyms

Flu Vaccine Vocabulary You Need to Know

Thankful For... The Next Generation of Infection Preventionists

Stopping the C. diff Cycle

Free-Standing Emergency Rooms and Infection Control

6 Reasons Why C. diff is a Menace

Why are R01 NIH Grants Such a Big Deal?

C. Diff: The Perfect Storm

Honoring Our Veterans With Quality Health Care

Clostridium difficile: An Introduction

Pathogens: Some Tricks, Some Treats

Treated Article vs. Public Health Claims

Kills 99.9% of bacteria* - Why the asterisk?

3 Not-So-Easy Steps to an EPA Registration for Public Health Claims

Infection Control and Hospital Reputation

EPA and Public Health Claims

A Pathogen for All Seasons: Seasonality in HAIs

Are We Closer to a New Flu Shot?

Anatomy of an Overbed Table

We Only Have One Chance: One Mom's Battle Against Cancer and Infection (Part 2)

VAPING & VAP: Lungs Under Attack

One Mom's Battle Against Cancer and Infection (Part 1)

Special Populations Series: Pediatric Cancer

Modifiable Risk Factors: The Courage to Change the Things We Can

Back to School Bacteria

The Patient and HAIs: Impact and Engagement

Pets and Pathogens: Keeping Our Furry Friends Healthy

Help Wanted: Lab Technologists Needed

4 Things the CDC Does for Me (and You)

Today we are thankful for... Vaccines.

LTACHs and Infection Control

Superbugs: Preventing Antibiotic Resistance

Copper: An Ancient Remedy That Actually Works

Superbugs: Horizontal Gene Transfer

Flesh-Eating Bacteria: What Beach-Associated Infections Can Teach Us About HAIs

Emojis, Social Media and Infection Control

Environmental Services: First Line of Defense Against HAIs

Superbugs: Vertical Gene Transfer

4 for the 4th: Four Doctors Who Signed the Declaration of Independence

Career Focus: What is an Infection Preventionist?

The Role of the Industrial Hygienist in Healthcare

3 Major Innovations on the Long Road to Hospital Infection Control

How do Germs Spread?

What is Fidelity in Research?

DNV GL Certification in Infection Prevention: Mitigating Risk on the High Seas and in Hospitals

Construction, Renovation, and Infection Prevention

5 Design Updates to Make Sinks Safer

What is the ARLAB Network?

What is CORHA?

What is the Microbiome?

C. auris: Resistance is Everything

Three CHEERS for the TREND to CONSORT with ORION at the EQUATOR: Or, Reporting Guidelines for Research

Hygieia: Protector of the Infection Preventionist

Microbiology's ACE: Alice Catherine Evans

Space is the Place for Women in Microbiology

CDC Says MRSA Reductions Have Stalled: Have we hit the limit of human processes?

What are micro-hospitals?

KonMari in the Hospital Room

Black History Month: Leaders in Microbiology

New Years' Resolutions and Hand Hygiene: How To Make Changes Last

Opioids and Outbreaks: Deadly Companions

What is The Chargemaster?

2019 Healthcare Trends

Germs in the News: 2018 Edition

Medical Tourism and HAIs

Copper and Our Innate Immune System

Thankful For: Copper Research

What is an antibiogram?

What Outbreaks Can Teach Us

The Invention of Safety

It’s Infection Prevention Week!

Conference Poster Presentations

What is HICPAC?

SCOBY: Microbiology's Odd Couple

What is the Continuum of Care?

Red Tide: A Coastal Infection

PCR Chain Reaction and Infection Control, Part 2

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Infection Control

Proposed Changes to CMS Reporting

From Cave to Quarantine: The Thai Rescue Continues

Case-Mix Index Demystified: Part 3

Summer's Pesky Pathogens

ATP Testing: Fireflies Light the Way to Cleaner Surfaces

Endoscopy and Infection Risk

Case-Mix Index Demystified: Part 2

Case-Mix Index Demystified: Part I

Career Focus: How To Become an Infection Preventionist

World Immunization Week: Health Care Workers and Vaccines

National Pet Day: Pets and Pathogens

Why do HAC Scores Look Different?

What is "Easy to Clean"?

Patient Safety Week 2018

Women In Epidemiology

What if Hospitals were Scored Like Winter Olympic Sports?

Presidents and Pathogens

HAIs: Major Heartache

American Medical Hero: William A. Hinton

Etymology and Microbiology: Words Matter

Endogenous vs. Exogenous Infections: It's All About Crowd Control

National Pharmacist Day: Impact on Infection Control

5 Bizarre Beliefs About Germs from the Not-So-Distant Past

2018: Heathcare Trends & Infection Control

2017 Bacteria In the News

Biggest Outbreaks of 2017: United States Edition

Electronic Health Records and Infection Control

Thankful for... Bacteria?

The Culture Club: Diagnosing HAIs

10 NEW Infection Prevention Tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Books about Bacteria: Recent Releases for Every Reader

International Infection Prevention Week 2017: Antibiotic Resistance

IDWeek 2017 is in San Diego - And So is Hepatitis A

Hurricane Epidemiology: The Dangers After The Storm Passes

What the Triclosan Ban Can - and Can't - Do

HAL for Hand Hygiene: The Computers are Watching

Gene Editing: Brought To You By Bacteria

Infection Control and Alternative Payment Models: Who Will Pay? (Part 2)

Infection Control and Alternative Payment Models: Who will pay?

Grassroots Organizations: On Your Side in the Fight Against HAIs

DNA Detectives: Using Genomic Sequencing in Infection Control

The Downsides of Contact Precautions

The 2017 APIC Conference: The Carole DeMille Award

What is the National Healthcare Safety Network?

Nursing Homes and Infection Control: The Most Common Infections

Nursing Homes and Infection Control: The Most Vulnerable Patients

Nursing Homes and Infection Control

The Veterans Health Administration: A National Leader in HAI Reduction

3 Keys to Measuring the Cost-Effectiveness of an HAI Reduction Intervention: Part 3


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