Healthcare and Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15 - Oct 15): 5+ Great Resources

by Erica Mitchell | October 2 2023 | Patient Advocacy, Infection Control, Hispanic Heritage Month, Resources | 0 Comments

hispanic heritageThe weeks between mid-September and mid-October has been National Hispanic Heritage Month since the late 1980s. During this month, the nation takes time to recognize the important role played by American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central/South America. The 2023 theme is "Todos Somos, Somos Unos: We Are All, We Are One!" capturing the idea that in spite of our unique backgrounds, we are all intertwined and united by our shared humanity. In today's post, we'll share 5 resources you can use to explore or share the many contributions from Hispanic/Latino individuals in the fields of healthcare, infection prevention, and epidemiology.

Hispanic? Latino? Latinx? What's the correct term? While no official "right" term has been adopted, there are a range of terms that academics as well as every-day people use to identify individuals with ancestors from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central/ South America. Hispanic is the oldest term, and has the benefit of being gender-neutral, but the disadvantage of referencing only Spain and Spanish-speakers (excluding Portuguese). Latino/a refers to origins in a Latin American country, and can include the Caribbean. Latinx is a term that was adopted by academics and the younger generation, as it allows for gender-neutrality. Latine has been recently proposed as a gender-neutral option that is easier to pronounce.

#1 American Society for Microbiology Focus on Hispanic and Latine Microbiologists | The professional association for researchers and practitioners in the field of microbiology has range of resources, from biographies, bilingual multimedia, and awards programs. 

#2 Association of American Medical College Celebrating 10 Hispanic Pioneers in MedicineHere are 10 fascinating biographies, including virologist Carlos Juan Finlay, MD, who discovered the mosquito's role in spreading yellow fever.

#3 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Health Equity With an emphasis on health equity, the CDC's Hispanic Heritage Month resources focus on highlighting efforts that affect the Hispanic/Latino population, as well as CDC-sponsored programs that encourage diverse participation in the medical and public health field.

#4 National Institutes of Health Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion | A variety of professional profiles, campaigns and resources away at the NIH site dedicated to "[cultivating] a culture of inclusion where diverse talent is leveraged to advance health discovery." 

#5 PBS Hispanic Multimedia | A wide variety of interactive and multimedia resources await you at PBS' Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month website. Among the choices are two documentaries about STEM pioneers, an astronaut and a botanist.

BONUS | Here are some short-form video resources that can be integrated into classes, team meetings, or staff trainings during the weeks of National Hispanic Heritage Month:

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