Infection Control Acronyms

by Erica Mitchell | March 29 2023

Every field has its own jargon, vocabulary, and acronyms. Infection control and prevention is no different! In today's post, we'll look at some of the lesser-known acronyms that every infection prevention professional should know. For those topics we have covered elsewhere in the blog, you will find a link to that page. So grab your spoons and get ready for some alphabet soup!

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Hospital-At-Home: What Does it Mean for Infection Control?

by Erica Mitchell | March 24 2023

One of the most lasting positive impacts of the COVID pandemic was the increased accessibility to telehealth, including remote appointments, mailed prescriptions, and doctor-patient email communications. Many of us may not realize that another offshoot of this move to telehealth is the idea of hospital-at-home, a practice of providing acute treatment to patients in their own homes. There are many benefits to this model, not the least of which is allowing patients to avoid a hospital room potentially contaminated with dangerous bacteria. In view of this trend, what is the place of hospital infection control and prevention in a world of hospital-at-home? In today's post, we'll explore what this trend means for hospitals and patients in the future.

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The Carole DeMille Award

by Erica Mitchell | March 22 2023

Last Saturday concluded Patient Safety Awareness Week but like the members of the APIC would say, every day is for patient safety.  One such member and the name sake of this organization's most prestigious award, the Carole DeMille Achievement Award, is the topic of todays' post.  As we near the end of women's history month, let's celebrate the infection preventionist in whose honor the award is given, a story that reveals much about the behind-the-scenes progress in the field.

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5 Facets of Patient Safety

by Erica Mitchell | March 17 2023

Patient safety is a topic we often cover in this blog; it is a central concern of anyone involved in the healthcare industry. However, we may not stop and consider the many facets of safety. "Safety" immediately brings to mind protection from physical harm, but to a patient and a community, safety can mean so much more. In today's post, we'll look at five facets of patient safety, and how together, they create an environment where patients and their communities can heal.

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Patient Safety Awareness Week

by Erica Mitchell | March 15 2023

Today we pulled together a few of our previous posts about patient safety in honor of Patient Safety Awareness Week. We believe that all our posts focus on patient safety, but these are the ones that provide actionable items for you or a loved one.

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Women in Microbiology: Dr. Abigail Salyers

by Erica Mitchell | March 8 2023

Radical. Unconventional. Irreverent. Dr. Abigail Salyers entered the field of microbiology as an outsider and ended up bringing the field into a new era with her insights, sense of humor, and endless dedication. It took someone with her outsider status to see microbiology in a new light- or rather, in darkness, as today's post will explore - and leave us with a legacy of discovery and leadership.

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Increase in Resistant Shigella Infections: 5 Things to Know about Shigella XDR

by Erica Mitchell | March 6 2023

A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Health Advisory addresses an increase in "extensively-drug-resistant" (XDR) Shigella, the strain that caused 5% of cases of shigellosis in 2022, up from 0% in 2015. Antibiotic resistance has been a top priority for years with national and world health organizations, so what sets this particular strain apart? In today's post, we will cover the 5 things you need to know about this strain of Shigella.

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Women's History Month: Science Edition

by Erica Mitchell | March 1 2023

Since the 1980's March has been recognized as Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the struggles and successes. While there has been tremendous progress, struggles are quite visible in the world of science. Today’s post will celebrate the achievements of female scientists, while also discussing the two major obstacles women in science face, even today.

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