A Fungus Among Us: Candida During COVID-19

by Erica Mitchell | January 29 2021

We were making progress against an emergent pathogen long before the newest novel pathogen brought everything to a standstill. Starting a decade ago, health care facilities identified a new superbug, a variant of the Candida auris species of fungus that was lethal and pernicious. Through careful screening and cleaning protocols, we were beginning to see progress in the spread of this pathogen, but then COVID-19 hit. With all our attention on preventing and treating this novel coronavirus, this fungus has been among us, spreading opportunistically through nursing homes and intensive care units. How can we eject this fungus, once and for all?

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Silver vs Copper: Which is the better biocide? (Part 2)

by Erica Mitchell | January 27 2021

Today's post covers a vital comparison between copper and silver: Their ability to kill harmful bacteria. Biocidal activity - the active destruction of microorganisms at the cellular level - is the fundamental criteria when considering the two metals as possible infection interventions. We will explore under what conditions these metals kill bacteria in both laboratory and real-life settings. 

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Silver vs Copper: Which is the better biocide? (Part 1)

by Erica Mitchell | January 20 2021

Since mankind began using metals, both silver and copper have been used to keep mildew, mold, fungi, and other spoilage at bay. Both metals were even known by the ancients to have anti-infection benefits. We know today that both silver and copper have biocidal properties, and as a result, numerous products have appeared on the marketplace touting these properties as effective in the fight against hospital-acquired infections.  Which is the better choice for use in healthcare facilities? To answer this question, we will compare the two metals across 6 criteria over the coming weeks.  

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Is Antibacterial Soap the Same As Regular Soap?

by Erica Mitchell | January 13 2021

A study demonstrated that regular soap has the same impact as antibacterial soap at killing bacterial during hand washing. Today we'll explore this study, the chemical being evaluated, and what these results mean to the debate about whether or not antibacterial soaps are helpful.

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4 Key Terms in Infection Control

by Erica Mitchell | January 6 2021

The infection control landscape is difficult to navigate without an understanding of the key terms used by experts in the field. Some of these terms have found their way into every-day language, but often without the technical nuances that can make a big difference in a health care setting. Today we will start to demystify the terminology of infection control, starting with four "anti" terms.

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New Variant of SARS-CoV-2: Is it time to panic?

by Erica Mitchell | January 4 2021

There's no more chilling words in a killer virus action movie than "IT'S MUTATED!" Visions of a virus gone berserk and leaving chaos (or zombies) in its wake are conjured just by hearing that phrase. So it's no surprise that when news of a new variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, emerging in the UK and elsewhere that people began to panic. In this post, we'll explain why it's actually not time to panic, and how virus mutations are anticipated and expected by scientists working to end the pandemic.

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