COVID-19: Why Looking Back Helps Us Look Ahead

by Erica Mitchell | April 24 2020

As states consider timelines for re-opening their communities to work and recreation, we are experiencing an interesting convergence. Just as we are looking ahead to what the data needs to show in order to reopen safely, we are also looking back at the earliest cases to learn more about the disease. Why is it so important to revisit early cases, seek out overlooked cases, and even assign probable cases? In today's post, we'll examine how knowing as much as possible about the past can help us prepare for the future.

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Anatomy of an Isolation Room

by Erica Mitchell | April 22 2020

Isolation_RoomIncluded in recent news about COVID-19, hospital isolation rooms have made headlines. Retrofitting of regular hospital units and emergency construction of public spaces to increase capacity for treating highly contagious patients are just some of the areas utilizing innovative technologies. But isolation rooms are not just for protecting the uninfected - they also create a clean environment for the patient whose immune system may be compromised. What goes into designing and building an isolation room? What can we learn from the best practices in these rooms to apply to our lives as the world starts to exists extreme self-isolation?

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5 Steps To Life After A Pandemic

by Erica Mitchell | April 16 2020

Masks in the grocery store. Kids learning from home. Supply chains interrupted. Heartbreaking statistics. This is life during the COVID-19 pandemic. During these difficult times, there is probably no more universal question than "When can life go back to normal?" In today's post, we'll look at the critical steps necessary before life can at least start going back to normal and we can all start to rebuild together.

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Cleaning House, Part 4: Touch Points

by Erica Mitchell | April 15 2020

In this series of posts on how to clean your house, we’ve covered some important lessons from the cleanest hospitals: Know your pathogen, pick the right cleaner, and level of disinfection. Today we will focus on the where and what of household cleaning, what hospitals call “touch points.”

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Cleaning House, Part 3: Choosing a Disinfectant. What to Sic on the Bugs Making You Sick

by Erica Mitchell | April 8 2020

There is an astounding array of cleaning products available at your local store, online, and probably just sitting under your sink. Does it matter what you use to clean up after someone in your family has been ill? Absolutely. Today's post will help you pick the right product for your clean-up requirements.

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Beyond the Briefings: Who's Who in the Coronavirus Task Force

by Erica Mitchell | April 3 2020

Each day, the White House Coronavirus Task Force leads a press briefing to update the nation on the response to the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. After the President speaks, a number of members take to the podium to give updates or answer questions in their particular area of expertise. In today's post, we'll look at the 5 members of the 22-member team that have a medical background and describe their path towards their becoming household names.

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Cleaning House, Part 2: Know Your Household Pathogen

by Erica Mitchell | April 1 2020

Hospitals clean with great attention to what organisms caused illness within that patient room. The pathogen could be a virus, a bacteria, a fungus, or other microorganism. Each pathogen has its own unique characteristics that dictate the kind of cleanser needed, the frequency of cleaning required, and many other factors. Even though some of the organisms causing hospital-acquired infections are different than those that cause our typical community-acquired infections, we should use this same type of approach in our home cleaning. First, let’s learn about the viruses and bacteria that cause most of our sick days.

This post discusses diagnosis, symptoms, and details about illnesses that are not intended to be taken as medical advice. Always discuss health issues with your doctor.

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