Halloween Nightmare: Swarming Proteus

by Erica Mitchell | October 28 2015

It's Halloween week, so we are exploring one of the spookier microorganisms that can infect us. Today we explore the swimmer bacteria cell, Proteus, also known as the swarmer cell. This bacteria is one of the leading causes of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), but its ability to swarm makes it a threat to other organs as well.

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MRSA: Locker Room Menace

by Erica Mitchell | October 13 2015

This post continues our series on MRSA in support of MRSA Awareness Month.

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MRSA: An Ancient Bacteria Adapts to Modern Medicine

by Erica Mitchell | October 9 2015

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5 Facts About MRSA You Need to Know

by Erica Mitchell | October 6 2015

To recognize MRSA Awareness Month through October, here are 5 critical facts about MRSA that everyone needs to know. 

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The Origins of Germ Theory, Part 3: Microscopes

by Erica Mitchell | October 2 2015

There is really no way to overstate the importance of Girolamo Fracastoro's bold proposal about the roots of infection. His idea that infections were caused by "seeds," living things unseen to the naked eye, was followed by deductions that included the spread of contagion, incubation periods, the organs affected by particular infectious agents, the vulnerable age for a particular disease, the idea that a survivor of an infection is protected against future infections, the ability of a disease to pass from mother to child through nursing, and many other valuable observations. His genius, while respected and supported, was not definitively proven until over 100 years later, with the advent of the microscope.
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