Guest Blogger: Team Stryker and Patient Empowerment in 6 Steps

by Genie Powell Stryker | January 16 2015

Stryker-01-01-01We were in the hospital room when the nurse came in holding a bag of clear liquid. She casually mentioned that she was giving my husband Rich lactated ringer. As she started to wind the tubing through the pump I asked, “What is lactated ringer?” She stopped and just looked at the bag. I continued, “What makes it different than just saline?”

“Well, it has more … It can … Well, the blood … COME ON NURSING SCHOOL, don’t fail me now!"

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Personal Stories about Hospital Acquired Infections, Part I

by Erica Mitchell | January 2 2015


Often the words of a concerned family member capture the experience of infection control far better than any researcher or specialist. We read with great sympathy a recent letter to the editor of the Buffalo News by a man whose mother is fighting an infection she may have contracted during a hospital stay. The comments below the online post are full of personal stories that reveal that most, if not all of us, have personal stories having to do with a loved one contracting an infection from a healthcare setting. 

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