Healthcare Trends for 2017

by Erica Mitchell | December 30 2016

With a new year almost upon us, today's post will look at some of the healthcare industry's biggest trends. These issues, while not new, will undoubtedly take center stage over the next year - and beyond.


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Biggest Health Stories of 2016

by Erica Mitchell | December 22 2016

Many of us are thinking that 2016 turned out to be a pretty rough year. A few of the reasons this year will go down as particularly difficult have to do with health care crises, the biggest of which we will discuss in today's post. This won't be a smooth ride, so buckle up and get ready to explore 2016's biggest health issues.

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4 Things the CDC Does for Me (and You)

by Erica Mitchell | December 16 2016

This week, the EOSCU Team had the honor of presenting at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) campus outside of Atlanta, GA. During our meeting with the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, we were able to share information about our product as well as data from our recent clinical study. This meeting was anything but one-sided, however - the experts at the CDC were able to identify directions and partnerships we should explore in the future. This visit prompted us to present this post about the CDC, and what it does for our nation and the world on a daily basis.

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3 Key Differences Between White Papers and Scientific Papers

by Erica Mitchell | December 9 2016

The term "white paper" comes to us from a 100-year-old practice of government reportingin the UK. When government agencies provided data to Parliament to help them make decisions, they would offer three different types: Very long, comprehensive documents with a blue cover, open-ended reports with a green cover, and short, focused reports on a single topic with white covers. This last type, the concise document with information to solve a problem, came to be the formula for what is now known in many industries as a "white paper." Today, white papers are produced for sales purposes by for-profit companies, making them a marketing tool that can often be confused with a neutral scientific paper. While both publications have their purpose, it is important for the consumer to know how they differ. Today we will compare these two documents in order to help our readers see beyond the surface similarities and become aware of the important differences.

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Pets and Pathogens: Keeping Our Furry Friends Healthy

by Erica Mitchell | December 1 2016

Just in time for the holidays, a new member has joined Team EOSCU. This team member will focus on morale and stress relief while also exploring new ways to chase balls, nap, and snack. Please allow us to introduce our Chief Cuteness Officer, Copper, a Goldendoodle from Winchester, VA. As new CCO, Copper has inspired us to think about the health of our furry friends, their medical care, and how they have evolved to fight infections as they moved from the wild into our homes. Today’s post will shed some light on how animals join us in the fight against pathogens while also revealing additional opportunities for Preventive|Biocidal Surfaces™ to play a role in reducing the deadliest of those pathogens.

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