Anatomy of an Isolation Room

by Erica Mitchell | April 24 2015

Isolation_Room_Header-01Alongside recent news about Ebola, hospital isolation rooms have been making headlines. We hear regularly about hospitals creating special rooms for treating highly contagious patients, with new and innovative technologies, making patients and their communities safer. But isolation rooms are not just for protecting the uninfected - they also create a clean environment for the patient whose immune system may be compromised. What goes into designing and building an isolation room?

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Invasion of the Nanoparticles: Separating Fact from Fiction, Part 1

by Erica Mitchell | April 2 2015

Nanoparticles-01Today's medical and consumer markets are flooded with products touting the benefits of nanoparticles. There are countless products that claim to contain nanoparticles, nanotechnology, or nano-anything to try to ride this wave of interest. (Thanks to the efforts at The Wilson Center and Virginia Tech, a Nanotechnology Consumer Products Inventory exists to allow the consumer to research products.) Just what are nanoparticles, what is nanotechnology, and how can you tell what benefits are real and which are just marketing tricks? We'll deal with the first questions today, and in our next post help you understand product claims.
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