Metal Organization Places EOSCU on the Front Lines in the "Copper Wars" Against HAIs

by Erica Mitchell | 6/26/15 2:36 PM


EOSCU and copper alloys are the subject of a new series on the role of copper in the emerging antimicrobial marketplace. MetalMiner is "a digital multimedia resource for metal-buying organizations," providing educational materials, data analysis, forecasting, and market trends for those interested in metals as an investment. To this end, the coverage of the "Copper Wars" (the name they've given to the growing use of copper's biocidal properties in hospitals in the fight against hospital-acquired infections), provides insight into a potential growing market for copper.

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EOS Surfaces CEO Receives Entrepreneurial Excellence Award

by Erica Mitchell | 11/12/14 6:56 PM

from Jun 18, 2014 Inside Business: The Hampton Roads Business Journal

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