EOS Surfaces Signs with AD Ports Group for Exclusive Product Distribution in Various GCC Countries

by EOScu Team | 5/22/23 10:53 AM


  • Designated Territories will include UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Egypt
  • Product distribution agreement opens access to EOS Surfaces’ Halal-Certified Preventive|Biocidal Surface™, EOSCU, a copper-infused material, across the Middle East and North Africa

NORFOLK, VA; ABU DHABI, UAE, May 18, 2023 – EOS Surfaces, a Virginia-based biocidal surfaces manufacturer, has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with AD Ports Logistics (ADPL), a subsidiary of the Logistics Cluster, AD Ports Group, the leading global facilitator of trade, logistics and industry based in Abu Dhabi (ADPORTS:ADX). The agreement was signed in partnership with CH Trading Group LLC ("CH Trading Group"), an international import, export and trading company and the exclusive territories distributor of EOS Surfaces’ previously-announced Halal-Certified products within more than 100 countries. ADPL will distribute EOSCU Preventive|Biocidal™ products in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Egypt.

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EOScu is Keeping Patients Safer in Over 50 US Hospitals

by EOScu Team | 11/7/18 12:06 PM

EOScu Reaches Over 50 Hospitals and 3 Countries

In just the few years since its initial development, EOScu, the copper-infused material that actively kills bacteria*, can now be found in over 50 US healthcare facilities with several more planned in the near future. This progress represents the growing awareness that copper, embedded all the way throughout a practical and functional surface material, can continuously lower bacterial contamination by actively destroying pathogens, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As hospital acquired infections and facility outbreaks continue to plague healthcare, it is comforting to see many facilities and systems are making their elimination a top priority.

EOScu, a preventive biocidal surface, has been proven to lower healthcare associated infections (HAIs) in the largest known clinical trial of copper-infused surfaces and textiles. In other ongoing studies, the self-sanitizing surfaces have also proven to significantly reduce the levels of contamination on surfaces surrounding patients, their caregivers and their families. This evidence sparked an increase in hospitals adding EOScu to their infection prevention “toolbox” and further suggests that many are recognizing the need to close the gap between routine daily cleanings – and to do so with an option that doesn’t require additional work for their teams.

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EOS Surfaces Among Top 10 Places to Work in Norfolk

by EOScu Team | 10/9/18 10:56 AM


If you're searching for places to work in the Norfolk area, look no further.

by Chris Kolmar

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