Germs Beware: Sentara Martha Jefferson adds EOScu Preventive|Biocidal Surfaces

Posted by EOScu Team on 3/2/17 9:05 AM

Posted on March 1, 2017  by The Daily Progress Staff - FULL ARTICLE

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital will begin using copper-infused items as a means to help safeguard against the most common types of infections.

Starting in April, the hospital will begin using copper-infused patient gowns and bed linens. All patient rooms will be retrofitted with copper-infused bedside tables and handrails later this year, according to a statement.

 The hospital is making the switch following a study in Sentara Leigh Hospital in Norfolk that showed that sheets, gowns and hard surfaces infused with copper oxide contributed to an 83 percent reduction in Clostridium difficile (commonly known as C. diff), the most common type of hospital-acquired infection.

The trial, published last July in the American Journal of Infection Control, took place during the renovation of a wing of Sentara Leigh, constructed during the 1970s.

Past studies have shown copper has antimicrobial properties and that dry copper surfaces kill scores of microorganisms on contact.

As a result of this latest study, Sentara has decided to begin using copper-infused products in all 12 of its facilities in North Carolina and Virginia.