George P. Bush views EOScu outfitted patient room on tour of R&D projects at Temple VA

Posted by EOScu Team on 12/22/16 9:23 AM

Olin E. Teague Veterans’ Medical Center was the last stop for Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush on his Year of the Veteran tour, in which he traveled across the state to visit veteran facilities and meet with veterans groups during the past 12 months.

Bush arrived at the Temple VA on Wednesday afternoon, where he toured the Community Living Center, research facilities, emergency department and a patient room where copper-infused solid surfacing is being used to reduce hospital-acquired infections. 


 Last on the tour was a patient room within the hospital that has had all of its surfaces replaced with copper-infused surfacing that is resistant to bacteria.

Researchers and physicians at the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System Olin E. Teague Veterans’ Medical Center have partnered with EOS Surfaces and Temple-based Wilsonart for the program.

Dr. Chetan Jinadatha, infectious disease physician and researcher, said monitoring the surfaces in the patient rooms with the bacteria-resistant material takes place three times a day, but it has proven to be effective in reducing the instances of c-diff, clostridium difficile, bacteria in those rooms, while increasing numbers are being experienced across the country.

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