Science and Politics, Part 4: The Presidential Election

by Erica Mitchell | November 3 2016 | Research | 0 Comments

Science politics final segment-01.jpgWe at the Health.Care. blog value science and scientists. We trust the scientific method to propose new ideas, and then test, defend, critique, replicate and establish those ideas as quality research. We also recognize the value in stepping back and returning to the literature, reevaluating a premise, and even scrapping a project in order to begin again.

It is for this last reason that we have decided to forgo on our plans to conclude this series with a comparison of the current leading candidates for President of the United States.

Science and politics do mix, in important and relevant ways. But for a blog such as ours - one that is focused on patient safety, microbiology, medical innovations, and the dedicated healthcare workers that heal us - to take on such an enormous topic as an upcoming presidential election has proven to be too great an undertaking. The amount of literature and research that would enable us to write a political post is at least as significant as the research that allows us to discuss science and health. To do this important topic justice would take a major shift in our own research and expertise, and one that we could not make in time to compose an appropriate blog post.

So this is how we will conclude our series on science and politics: Vote. We all have a voice, even if the only time we express it is in the privacy of a voting booth. Regardless of our ideology, let’s do our democratic duty and vote on November 8th.

Need some reading material while waiting in line to vote? 

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