Hospital Surfaces: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

by Erica Mitchell | June 24 2015


Hospitals and other healthcare facilities face a difficult quandary when it comes to selecting environmental surfaces to accommodate patients, guests and staff: How do we make a beautiful space while considering healingsafety, cost, and durability of materials? Just as in other institutional settings, hospital construction must balance the need for safety and durability with aesthetics and cost and all products can become subject to value engineering. The Facility Guidelines Institute, a non-profit agency, maintains current guidelines for the design and construction of hospitals and healthcare facilities. There are an array of choices for each and every surface in a hospitals, each with its own costs and benefits. Today we'll explore what those surface material choices are and, with infection control a priority for all healthcare facilities, how hospitable they are to bacteria.

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The Horrors of Biofilms: Like Jason, They Keep Coming Back

by Erica Mitchell | June 11 2015

BIOFILMS_COMING_BACK_new-01We all experience the ickiness and inconvenience of biofilms every day. From slow drains to tooth plaque, biofilms surround us because bacteria surround us. But take our everyday annoyance with biofilms such as a gunky sink pipe or teeth that need to be brushed twice daily and multiply that exponentially and you begin to have an idea of the horror biofilms present to industries and healthcare planet-wide. Today we'll explore the tenacious, intractible, just-as-likely-to-return-as-Jason nature of bacteria's number one weapon: biofilms.

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